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Executive Director / Owner

Executive Director / Owner

  • This job is expired.

  • Isla-Serve, commonly known as Isla Internships Abroad or simply “Isla” (pronounced “Eez-La” or “Iz-La”), is a social enterprise that is well-suited to an energetic, well-organized, international-minded, flexible, innovative person or company/organization with strong desire to do well while doing good. Wow! That’s a lot. But we’ve thought this through and not one of these traits is optional.


    Isla connects American universities and colleges, international universities, and their students with organizations in multiple countries across multiple disciplines for internships that grow the intern’s capacity and also benefit the host organizations. At any one time, Isla might have, say, two natural resources master’s students working with a conservation organization in Bulgaria while two foreign policy students working with NGOs in Kosovo, and yet another supports a social help organization in India…all while arranging internships for a group of public global health students in Uganda. Exciting and interesting?  Absolutely!  Simple? Absolutely not. 

  • Prishtina, Kosovo
  • 11 Aug 2023
  • 30 Sep 2023
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