International Volunteer Opportunities

As part of our commitment to continued global social impact, NPCA is proud to partner with a variety of organizations to offer  international volunteer opportunities for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, former Peace Corps staff, and others who are interested. Please note: these are not Peace Corps Volunteer or Peace Corps Response postings.

Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F)

NPCA is partnering with Winrock International to recruit qualified RPCVs for F2F assignments in West Africa. The work focuses on agricultural extension training, livelihood development, cooperative development, and horticulture, among others. This is a fiver-year partnership to implement the Farmer-to-Farmer USAID funded program, and NPCA and Winrock will focus on assignments in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal.

Assignments generally last one to four weeks. While the volunteer consultants donate their time and expertise, all travel and living expenses are covered, including round-trip airfare, lodging, meals, local transportation, and incidentals. Some assignments require at least 10 years of professional experience in the technical area requested and/or a language requirment.  Winrock International recognizes the unique experience RPCVs bring to these short term assignments, having long standing relationships and working experience in their countries of Peace Corps service and professional careers.  NPCA is proud to partner with Winrock to provide opportunities for RPCVs to make continued global social impacts.  

If you are interested in serving in a short-term assignment, or would like to apply for one of the assignments listed below, send a brief cover letter and resume to





Current Opportunities


Short Term Farmer-to-Farmer Assignments:

Packaging of Agricultural Products  

Country: Guinea
Location: Kindia
Length of Assignment: 16 days (including travel)
Assignment Description: The volunteer will train representatives from The Federation of Fruits Growers of Lower Guinea on effective and improved packaging to allow members to sell products in better and more attractive packaging, contributing to increased sales.  The main tasks of this assignment are to: train members on the packaging to be used for dry pineapple and fresh mangoes, banana, cashew nut and palm oil; and provide guidance and precautionary measures to prevent mold.


Development of A Training Program on Local Cereals Processing & Preservation 

Country: Senegal
Location: Foundiougne and Dakar
Length of Assignment: 24 days (including travel)
Assignment Description: The volunteer will develop curriculum and training module focusing on processing and preservation of local cereals, as well as train cereals processors in processing techniques. The volunteer will help build the capacity of two hosts, Foundiougne Vocational Training Center (FVTC) and Alliance of the Integrated Masses for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship Network (AMIDEF). For FVTC, the training should focus on local cereals processing, as well as  developing a curriculum and training module to replicate the training. For AMIDEF, the training should focus on effectively developing local cereals processing skills, such as understanding how different processing treatments affect products’ behavior; the role and behavior of different ingredients; processing methods; and quality standards, including nutritional aspects and the means for their evaluation. Also for AMIDEF, the volunteer should teach participants about the structure, composition, and utilization of rice, maize, millet and other cereal grains for the production of starches, flours, milling by‐products, and cereal‐based human food products; cereal processing technologies such as dry and wet milling, baking, extrusion cooking, and manufacturing of breakfast cereals, noodles, and pasta; and quality/sanitary control and quality assurance aspects of production.


Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Storage  

Country: Senegal
Location: Kedougou
Length of Assignment: 18 days (including travel
Assignment Description: The volunteer will assess Kedougou Management Orientation and Human Development Association’s (KEOH) fruit and vegetable processing methods and train them on improved performance. The volunteer will train processors on how to process fruits and vegetables, while maintaining the produce’s flavor, with natural methods following food safety and hygienic practices. KEOH is especially interested in making homemade preserves, jams, juice, concentrate juice. They would also like to learn about drying, processing and storing mango, okra, tomato, onion, hibiscus, tamarin, and baobab. The volunteer will provide participants with theoretical and technical knowledge that will allow them to work independently. The volunteer will also advise on the procurement of raw material, how to ensure safety regulations regarding food preparation, quality control and manufacturing processes.


Long Term Farmer-to-Farmer Assignments:

NPCA, in partnership with Winrock International, places long term volunteers in Francophone West Africa to support the Farmer-to-Farmer country offices with project implementation.  NPCA has filled its long term volunteer assignments for 2020, however, if you are interested in learning more about long term volunteer opportunities in the future, please fill out this expression of interest form.  


**As part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Consortium, these assignments are made possible through USAID funding. In accordance to USAID guidelines, any candidates submitted for consideration under this project must have a valid US passport or Green Card.**


If you are interested in serving in a Farmer-to-Farmer assignment, or would like to apply for one of the assignments listed above, send a brief cover letter and resume to


If you are interested in learning about upcoming international volunteers opportunities, please update your NPCA profile section "International Volunteer Activities" at the bottom of the page. You can upload your resume as well as sync to your LinkedIn profile. While updating your profile, please make sure your country of service information is correct. While you may update your privacy settings to make some information on your profile visible to members of the Peace Corps community and/or to the public, information under "International Volunteer Activities"and your resume are visible to NPCA administration only.