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Letters to the President and presidential candidates

With the 2020 presidential race quickly approaching, NPCA has decided to reach out to both President Trump and all of presidential candidates in order to emphasize the importance of Peace Corps and request their robust support for the program. We have drafted two letters that groups can download and share with their boards and members to discuss this opportunity to sign-on as an affiliate group. NPCA will then send these letters to President Trump and each presidential candidate as part of an information packet about Peace Corps and national service opportunities. Given the recent budgetary and political uncertainties that the Peace Corps has faced, we hope that the Peace Corps community will join together with a unified voice of support.

All NPCA affiliate groups are strongly encouraged to sign on to both letters. When you are ready with a representative to sign the letters on behalf of the group, use the links below.  Please remember that only one board member from each group should sign the letter on behalf of the group as a whole.


Sign the letter to presidential candidates here.

Sign the letter to President Trump here.


The hard deadline for sign-on is Sunday, October 13, 2019.

Webinar: RPCVs Take Action for the Environment

RPCVs for Environmental Action invite you to join in their webinar on Bringing RPCV Advocacy Action to the Environment: Citizens Climate Lobby and Congress

Date: October 9, 2019 at 8 pm Eastern

Hosted by: RPCVs for Environmental Action - Brady Fergusson and Kate Schachter

Presented by: Brett Cease, CCL Volunteer Education and Engagement Coordinator

Join us for a discussion of Citizen's Climate Lobby and their laser-focused effort to combat climate change through legislative action in the U.S. Congress. The House bill is H.R.763, and is known as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA). Get an overview of other carbon reduction legislative acts that are underway, for example, the Green New Deal and its variations. How can RPCV individuals and groups get involved? Why should we? 

Learn more and register.

Webinar: Communities in Greece Need Your Help

In the last 3 months, the number of refugees on the island of Lesvos, Greece has surged. Housing conditions are very poor and resources extremely limited. Most international refugee organizations have turned their attention elsewhere. Fortunately, small, local NGOs have sprung up to provide some measure of relief. They offer services in education, recreation, health, hygiene, and much more. They depend almost completely on volunteer help. RPCVs’ experience with acculturation, ambiguity and limited resources are ideal in these situations.  Learn more about this fulfilling opportunity.

Peace Corps Community for Refugees is hosting a webinar on October 30, 2019 to hear about this project from RPCVs who have worked on the island.  Learn more and register.

TCP Global Launches Online

Congratulations! TCP Global is the latest NPCA affiliate group to launch their website on the NPCA's Community Builder platform. Visit their website to learn more about their successful and sustainable micro-loan program. 

Learn more about how to get your group on the platform here.

Limited time offer: Free 2016 Peace Corps Community Directory

We have just a few copies left of the 2016 Peace Corps Community Directory that we are offering to affiliate groups for free through the end of September. The front half of this book is filled with inspiring stories and photos contributed by RPCVs. The back half lets you know how to contact them. (Note: the data is from 2016, so some may have moved.) Bring this to your group events and help your members reconnect with their Peace Corps friends. Contact us to get your copy.

Is your Group Re-affiliated for 2019?

The deadline has passed but we are still accepting any and all re-affiliation reports! Hurry up and get your information submitted so we don't have to track you down!

  1. Decide on ONE group officer to submit re-affiliation for your group
  2. Submit your annual report highlighting your activities and achievements for the past year and include a financial report
  3. Fill out the annual reaffiliation form

Re-affiliation Deadline:  ASAP!!

Need some guidance?

Questions? Contact us at

Micro-Loans for your Peace Corps Communities

TCP Global is looking to partner with RPCVs and affiliate groups to share their successful and sustainable micro-loan model to expand the program into your country.

How It Works

Using the TCP Global model, loans are administered through organizations already working at the grassroots level in health, education, empowerment, etc. RPCVs with connections to small communities identify effective organizations and, assisted by TCP Global, help them establish small, zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan programs to serve communities in perpetuity. By increasing the income of their clients, TCP Global partners find they are able to better achieve their primary mission goals. In addition to providing the entrepreneurs an alternative to exorbitant interest rates charged by daily lenders, TCP Global also strengthens the grassroots partner by providing them a steady revenue stream of interest earnings, which they can use to fund community projects.

What You Can Expect

TCP Global is ready to offer micro-loans to RPCVs and "Friends of" groups. It is prepared to share their tools and resources, and to mentor, at no cost, any friends-of-group interested in establishing micro-loan programs for their country. TCP also does the fundraising through the NPCA Community Fund.

Interested? Contact Helene Dudley

Note for groups in the Americas: Thanks to funding from an anonymous donor and a tentative agreement with the Whole Planet Foundation, TCP Global has matching funds for a pilot program. Contact Helene for more information.

Learn More

Here are your Divisional Board Directors!

Please reach out to the director in your division and add them to your email distribution list. In fact, you may already have them on your list, as we transfer the permanent emails as directors change. Add (which goes to NPCA staff working with groups) and (which goes to the Affiliate Group Network Coordinator, Mariko Schmitz), then the director for your division:

Meet the full Board of Directors.

Update Your Group Profile

NPCA's online Affiliate Group Directory is a great way for potential new members to find and learn more about your group! Visit it here, find your group, and if needed, make updates. Watch the video below to learn how. 


Upcoming Webinars

October 9: Bringing RPCV Advocacy Action to the Environment

October 30: Communities in Greece Need Your Help

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NPCA Staff Calendar

October 10 - CORVA RPCV Potluck (Glenn Blumhorst)

October 12 - Cincinnati Area Returned Volunteers Reception (Glenn Blumhorst)

October 26 - RPCVs of Los Angeles Annual International Dinner (Glenn Blumhorst)


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